Working on smart optical sensing solutions to advance clinical diagnostics and environmental analysis 


Welcome to the Strobbia Research Group! 

(an optical sensors lab)

The research in our group is largely directed towards bridging the gap between current state-of-the-art sensing technologies and the actual requirements for their application in clinical settings or in the field. Our group works on multidisciplinary projects leveraging expertise in optical systems and sensing technologies development, as well as on plasmonics and surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS). We aim to solve current relevant issues in clinical diagnostics and environmental analysis, with a focus towards the development of deployable technologies. Our goal is to benefit the developing and developed world through the dissemination of new cost-effective and practical analytical tools.


Strobbia Research Group 

(SciX 2023)


Pietro Strobbia (he/him)

Department of Chemistry

University of Cincinnati